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JMB is a breath of fresh air

Jeanette is very responsive, kind, and fair. i've never had an issue with maintenance requests and she takes the time to communicate and work with you should there be an issue. It's easy to get caught up in the bustle of the real estate market and JMB is a breath of fresh air. they made the lease signing easy and convenient and i would recommend this company to my friends and anyone interested in renting with them.

Doa Nguyen 02/11/2017
Rental Property Owners

VERY happy with JMB Group. Rick Heitzweible is the best! Thank you.

Kathleen O'Connell ( Saugus, CA ) 10/01/2015
Rental Property Owners

We moved the management of our four rental properties over to JMB less than a year ago and we have been absolutely thrilled with their service and responsiveness. We had plenty of problems with our previous management and the transfer wasn't easy for JMB (because of the previous manager) but Jeanette worked through the obstacles and was totally on top of things from the start.

Living overseas, what we appreciate most is Jeanette's responsiveness to our questions and the proactive way she manages the properties when leases are coming up for renewal or if there is a problem. I know she's "got our back" and that things will be done well and in a timely manner. Moreover, I appreciate having a single point of contact for everything related to the house. Jeanette may get other people involved in various activities or to handle things, but I know I can ask her anything and she'll be able to provide the answer.

We couldn't be happier - in fact, we just wish we had made the decision to switch to JMB sooner!

Julie Holter ( New Zealand ) 03/20/2015
Rental Property Owners

When you're looking for a Property Manager for an out of state property you can search the internet, read reviews and make phone calls. In the end we're all looking for peace of mind in a Property Manager that we can trust to be fair and professional. I've been with JMB for less than a year and I'm happy with my choice for my Austin property. Jason has always been fantastic with me and Jeanette [their property manager] is awesome. JMB provides me the professionalism, sincerity and peace of mind that I was looking for. A good business run by good people!

Derek Attico ( Bronx, NY ) 11/30/-0001
Rental Property Tenants

I have been a tenant for JMB for three years. I find them to be very responsive to our needs, especially when it comes to repairs. They are fast and efficient, and they have the best contractors. I just got a new dishwasher today after my old one bit the dust. The work was done within hours, just in time for my New Years Eve party. Thank you so much!

Paul Avery ( San Jacinto, CA ) 01/01/2015
Rental Property Tenants

This property management company is great. Very responsive when I need them. Since everything can be done online, it is easy to work with JMB Group as a tenant!

Erin Maloney ( Riverside, CA ) 01/01/2015
Rental Property Tenants

I rented a property from JMB Group over a year ago, in which I had the pleasure of working with Rick, whom I currently rent from. My experience working with him has been very pleasurable. From the beginning he was extremely professional, which made the process quick and the transition easy for my family. Rick is very helpful and responsive whenever I have questions regarding my home. He does his job in making sure that tenants and home owners are comfortable with the rental of their properties. As long as he knows that you're the type of tenant to properly maintain the property, he does not bother you. Being an individual who has always owned my home (never rented), this is important to me, because I've heard landlords/tenant horror stories, which made me very skeptical at first. Fortunately, I've never had any negative experiences with Rick or JMB, to date. When I'm ready to purchase another home, I hope Rick will be able to assist me with that process as well.

Ms. Shanee' Morgan ( Perris, CA ) 12/28/2014
Rental Property Owners

Thank you so much!!!

We were very nervous about renting our home when we found out we had to move out of state for a job transfer. Rick from JMB put our minds at ease during that stressful time! He found a fantastic renter who absolutely loves our home just as much as we do. Everything is handled so well, that we hardly even have the think about what is happening back at home as we enjoy living in a new state. This has been the best experience EVER!!!! We are very indebted to Rick and JMB Properties for the professionalism and hard work. Thank you so much!!!

Karen Pickering ( Moreno Valley, CA ) 10/28/2014
Rental Property Owners

OK-JMB has done it again....!

OK-JMB has done it again....! ANOTHER great rental that they found and have entered escrow on! Have had (1) rental with them for 1 1/2 years now and it has been so easy that we have no fear of another (In fact at this time-we have an offer in on a 3rd! You guys are Awesome! 100% recommendation!!

Curtis Bell ( Alta Loma, CA ) 09/25/2014
Rental Property Owners

You Guys are awesome!

You Guys are awesome! From helping with finding a rental house-to managing I couldn't ask for a better company to work with! We really had some reservations about getting into the "landlord" business-but with JMB help-we plan on several more purchases!

Curtis Bell ( Alta Loma, CA ) 02/26/2013
Rental Property Owners

These guys have done a great job with my properties in Austin. Living in LA, I need to really rely on their local expertise. And, Im happy to say they have come through with professionalism and care.

Rob Kinsey ( Los Angeles, CA ) 04/03/2014
John M. (Houston, TX)
Rental Property Owners

We moved from Austin to Houston a few years ago and had doubts on renting out our property in Austin. Given our prior experience with another management company, we were concerned with diminished property visibility, no property inspections, and overall lack of communication. After thorough internet research we decided to hire JMB. We have now been using JMB for over a year and feel comfortable the property is in good hands. We appreciate the increased property visibility, prompt responses, property inspections, on-line postings, and resulting peace of mind.

John M. (Houston, TX) 10/08/2013
Jose R Rodriguez
Rental Property Owners

I made the right choice by selecting JMB Group

I feel that JMB Group is a very professional outfit; am very satified with our business relationship. I made the right choice by selecting JMB as my property management company in Austin, TX.

The level of communication that JMB Group provides is outstanding. They always keep me in the loop in regards to major issues concnerning my rental property.

I can definitley recommend them to anyone!

Jose R Rodriguez ( San Diego, CA ) 07/01/2013
Rental Property Owners

We have been EXTREMELY happy!

We have been EXTREMELY happy with your company and the representation both you and Jeannette are providing for us. We have only had one pretty minor repair needed, we get paid on time, we were just notified of a lease about to expire 2 whole months ahead of time AND best of all, she actually informed us of the current market rates and made a recommendation! I can't tell you how happy that makes us! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. Hope all is well and keep up the great work.

Vickie D. ( Liberty Hill, TX ) 05/24/2013
Steven M Brown, MD
Rental Property Owners

I have been using the JMB gorup for the last few years representing me as an absentee owner. They have been nothing short of fantastic in every way. Professional, reliable, trustworthy, communicative, and very dependable. I have had dealings with other property management compaines in other areas of the country, and none compare to the experience I have had with JMB. Thanks for all of your help!

Steven M Brown, MD ( Hutto Texas ) 04/01/2013
Rental Property Owners

JMB Group rented my property within 2 weeks!

I would like to personally recommend JMB Group. After researching various property management companies in the Austin area I decided to go with JMB because of their high ratings. It didn't take long to find out why they were so highly rated. Everyone I have dealt with at JMB is extremely professional. JMB Group rented my property within 2 weeks. There web based portal is fantastic, eliminating phone calls and faxes, and allowing me to concentrate on what I do best!

Walter S. ( Leander, TX ) 12/11/2012
Rental Property Owners

The service was superb!

JMB Group helped my wife and I rent our house in less than 1 week and with great tenants. These guys know what they are doing!

Jamie & Amanda F. ( Austin, TX ) 11/14/2012
Rental Property Owners

Were glad we found JMB Group Property Management and know our property is in good hands!

The beauty of your management team is that JMB Group handles all the day-to-day property management details which allows me to focus on more important things. I receive real time status on my property via the owner portal which is a great feature. Were glad we found JMB Group Property Management and know our property is in good hands.

Clint R. ( Austin, TX ) 06/01/2012

The best to deal with!

I just want to let you know that I have been working with Marc (your property manager) on an REO property transaction. He has been very helpful during the transaction to help us with the tenant. I just wanted to let you know you have a good guy working with you. He has been one of the best to deal with.

Karen ( Home City Real Estate, Austin TX ) 04/13/2011
Rental Property Owners

I would recommend JMB Group to anyone needing quality, professional property management services!

I was very dissatisfied with my previous property manager who's lack of attention to maintenance was causing my properties to deteriorate and poor screening of prospective tenants was causing many problems with rent collection. I researched many property managers in my local area when I decided to replace him and selected JMB Group. I have not been disappointed with that selection. The difference has been like night and day. Jason and my property manager, Jeanette, have taken excellent care of my investments. Now that I have good tenants in, things have been running much more smoothly. I have been especially satisfied with the excellent service provided by the maintenance vendors they use. I would recommend JMB Group to anyone needing quality, professional property management services.

William S. ( Leander TX ) 03/28/2011
Rental Property Owners

Flexibility and personal interaction puts this property management company in a class of its own!

Living in Massachusetts and having rental property in Austin, Texas, I was a bit nervous about being an absentee landlord, but JMB Group has put my nerves at ease. JMB Group has managed my property in Texas for approximately 2 years now with excellent service. Providing prompt answers to any emails and an easy-to-use web portal to manage my statements and detailed reports, this staff is dedicated to making both the tenants and owners happy. JMB Group has provided me with experienced feedback to my questions and requests while advising me on the risks of these actions based on their past expertise. With these risks in mind, JMB Group still allows me to manage the property how I want to. This flexibility and personal interaction puts this property management company in a class of its own.

In a recent trip to Austin I stopped by to visit with my tenants and they had nothing but positive feedback about the service they were provided by JMB Group. They said their property manager (Jeanette) was easy to work with and provides a very personal interface with the management company."

Stefan C. ( Boston, MA ) 03/23/2011
Rental Property Owners

It is rare to come across an individual that is passionate about their profession!

We write this letter to offer our highest support on behalf of our current landlord Rick Heitzwebel. In the time we have known Rick we are most impressed with his ambition, resourcefulness and dedication to our family. Rick is the most generous person who goes above and beyond to help us when we need any assistance with our home.

It is rare to come across an individual that is passionate about their profession. Rick represents a balance of compassion and assertiveness. Rick constantly demonstrates his passion for and commitment to meeting our needs. Rick's enthusiasm for creating houses into homes is a true talent that he has mastered. Our home is beautiful and breathtaking, all thanks to Ricks dedication to offering quality home.

There are not enough words to describe the respect that we have for Rick. He is a true asset to the real estate profession and one of the most humble and caring individuals we have ever met.

Jacquelyn G. & Andrew P. ( San Bernardino, CA ) 04/12/2010
Rental Property Owners

I am truly grateful!

Richard Heitzwebel's professional work has been amazing. Rick was a great help with the rental of our home. He is one I can recommend with complete confidence. I know he will measure up to your expectations. He has done so much for us and I am truly grateful.

Jamie J. ( Moreno Valley, CA ) 04/24/2010
Rental Property Owners

I would recommend JMB Group to anyone that is looking for quality property management!

Rick Heitzwebel has been managing four rental properties for me over the last three years. He has done an outstanding job. My philosophy is to buy houses in good neighborhoods and to rent them to good tenants. Good homes attract better tenants. Richard has implemented my strategy by first preparing the properties, then screening prospective tenants.

Richard is very hard working and cares a lot about doing a good job. He is on top of any issue that comes up. He has contacts with contractors and handymen to get problems resolved quickly. I have been completely satisfied with Rick's work. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for quality property management.

Robert P. ( Brea, CA ) 04/24/2010
Rental Property Owners

I could not be happier with your service!

I like your policy of quick response to my inquiries. My requests for information and facts are always answered promptly. My property manager explains everything in the detail I need. She provides photos of problems and repairs when ever I ask for them.

Keeping my tenant happy and providing a safe and well maintained rental are my primary concerns, as this insures a positive cash flow. To date, I could not be happier with your service. My rental proceeds arrive at a predictable time each month. Information available to me on the portal has satisfied all of my needs. Keep up the good work.

Roger C. ( Cameron Park, CA ) 12/20/2010
Rental Property Owners

Represents my best interest!

It is a pleasure to have Jeanette Chacon as my property manager. First of all, she is just such a nice person. Working with her feels very relaxed and easy. I definitely feel that she is representing my interest, while also providing excellent service to the tenant. (I felt that my past property manager was the agent of the tenant. My interest seemed to be secondary - at best). Jeanette is great about answering my calls; returning my calls and getting the job done. I feel very fortunate to have Jeanette as my primary property manager.

Joy K. ( Lexington, KY ) 12/02/2010
Rental Property Owners

Polite and professional!

I had the pleasure of meeting agent Richard Heitzwebel (Rick) in February, 2010 while searching for a rental property. Thanks to his expertise and quick response, we chose to stick with him and he helped negotiate a rental contract with just the right home for my family.

First, let me tell you that Rick has always been polite and professional. For example, my husband and I first noticed the property we liked on a Sunday, and called him right away. Rick responded promptly that same day and got to work right away. He was able to answer all our questions, and was very knowledgeable about the property. Rick is also very helpful, and you get a genuine feeling from him that he wants what is the best fit for you. He was never pushy or rushed us into things. In fact, he was very patient and understanding with me. I have a very busy work schedule, and he was flexible and understanding, even arranging to meet me around my schedule. In my experience, Rick is a great agent. He is good with the forms and paperwork, down to the little details, and makes sure that things get done timely. Whenever I had a question or request, he was right there to help and took care of it. I can say that I can count on him to help us with our home needs, and he does so it a professional manner that goes behind expectations.

Kimberly S. ( Moreno Valley, CA ) 04/15/2010
Rental Property Owners

Organized, reliable, efficient, communicative, and very professional!

When I came to JMB, I already went through two below par property managers. I wanted a level of service that included a property manager who would extremely detailed, communicative, available, efficient and understands the needs of the owner. Most importantly, they must have the best interest of the owner in saving money on make-readys and evictions. I have been with JMB for only two months and am extremely satisfied. I got everything and more. I don't have to call 3 people to get something done. I call one property manager whose organized, reliable, efficient, communicative, and very professional and pleasant to deal with. I am happy to refer JMB to other owners because they do have credibility.

Becky T. ( New York City, NY ) 03/29/2010
Rental Property Owners

It's been smooth sailing ever since!

When I first transferred my properties to JMB I was having serious issues with my previous management company finishing up business with me and closing my account. Jeanette from JMB went out of her way to make sure everything at the old management company was taken care of. It's been smooth sailing ever since.

Wade N. ( Tujunga, CA ) 02/25/2010
Rental Property Owners

Responsive, efficient, professional, and flexible!

I have talked to several property management companies and chose JMB because of the positive energy of Jason. I am very glad about my choice. Not only Jason, his property manager Jeanette is also awesome. They have been responsive, efficient, professional, and flexible. There was quite a few fixes needed for the property lately and JMB worked closely with both service providers and tenants to get all fixes done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend JMB to anyone.

Mark L. ( Los Angeles, CA ) 02/07/2010
Rental Property Owners

We can finally relax!

We've never used a management company before because of the horror stories heard about other people's experiences. But, when I saw JMB's web site (user-friendly design for both owners & renters) coupled with the fact Jason also owns rental properties and understands what it's like, we thought it was worth trying JMB out. JMB's customer service is excellent.

Follow up and follow through has been terrific. JMB was able to find good renters within a month and for the first time in years, we can finally relax... Overall, JMB has been responsive, efficient, timely, thorough, and flexible. In fact, our experience has so good that we've considered purchasing additional rental properties and placing JMB in charge of them as well. We've recommended JMB to several of our friends and are confident they will have an equally satisfying experience.

Amber K. ( Austin, TX ) 11/14/2009
Rental Property Owners

I recently shifted to JMB Group from another management company

I recently shifted to JMB for property management services and have been more than satisfied with the professionalism and thoroughness of Jason and his wonderful staff. Their experience in the Austin area and attention to detail works well to provide not only quality management and maintenance of the property but also in maintaining a wonderful relationship with the tenants. Because I often travel overseas for business, I need a property manager I can trust to address the myriad of issues associated with property management. JMB provides a sense of confidence that my rental property will be professionally managed and my tenants will be well cared for in my absence. Thanks JMB!

Larry McCabe ( Newport, RI ) 10/29/2009
Rental Property Owners

We are happy to be doing business with them!

As we prepared to relocate to India, one of our primary concerns was the care of our property in Austin. We wanted easy access to the management, quick rental and efficient follow-up & maintenance. With JMB we found just that. Access to their owner's portal on-line enables us to communicate from India in regards to our property in Austin. The team worked quickly at getting the house on the market - through photos and listing with Craigslist and MLS, our house was rented within a week. Since relocating, we have been able to follow the maintenance on the small jobs that needed to be completed after our departure. JMB has made it very easy in renting our house in Austin. We are happy to be doing business with them!

Les & Karen P. ( Chennai, India ) 08/12/2009
Rental Property Tenants

Just good, fair people.

I have dealt with the company for over a year. They are fair. They have a lot of positive energy. A prospective property owner can feel comfortable hiring them because they will take care of your property by taking care of your tenants. I look forward to a long working relationship with JMB Group.

Art R. ( Austin , TX ) 10/28/2008
Rental Property Owners

I feel confident with JMB Group and am happy with the decision that I made!

After interviewing a healthy selection of property management companies in Austin, TX, I chose JMB Group. I was very happy that one of the owners of the company, Jason Bartley, took the time to visit with me at my house. He was competitive with the other companies that I interviewed but sold me on the value of his operation. While I realize that I'm not doing business with the cheapest property management company, I know that the cost of doing business is fair and I'm getting a good value. Jason was also very effective at managing my expectations regarding the leasing process. My property demanded a higher rate than the market could bear at the time and Jason helped me to price my property effectively. I was very happy when my property leased in within 2 weeks of being on the market. The credit goes to Jason's realtor, Marcy who did a great job with advertising and fielding calls and potential renters. Finally, I am very satisfied with the level of communication that JMB Group provides. On the front end, I wanted to be very involved and they kept me in the loop. Now that I'm no longer in the area and I'm not readily accessible, it is essential that all communication is succinct and done online. I looked at several websites for the various property management companies that I interviewed. JMB Group's website is the best out there. It is very user friendly and shows me everything that I need to see. I feel confident with JMB Group and am happy with the decision that I made.

Farrah F. ( Honolulu, HI ) 05/18/2009
Rental Property Owners

I would definitely recommend JMB Group to anyone needing a property management company

Marcy was and is excellent. I have to say she really did come through for us big time. She was responsive, and really got the job done. Within a couple weeks she had what seams to be ideal tenants for the house. I would definitely recommend JMB to anyone needing a property management company. We were impressed from the first day with how professional JMB is, and how modern their online resources are. They were an easy choice and it has paid off quickly. Thanks again!

Isaac & Katja C. ( Morgantown, WV ) 05/27/2009